brushworks HD Combination Tweezer Set – Pastels


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The brushworks HD Combination Tweezer Set is a must-have collection for grooming and perfecting your eyebrows. A well groomed brow will expertly frame your face. Handcrafted from high quality stainless steel, the tweezers have been perfectly aligned for performance and precision, and are durable and easy to clean. Each tweezer features a slanted, straight or pointed tip for targeting specific brow/skin concerns such as loose strays or painful splinters. The Set Contains: Slanted Tweezer – Perfect for tidying up stray hairs on larger areas. Straight Tweezer – Perfect for holding false eyelashes in place and applying delicate nail art. Slanted Point Tweezer – A multi-purpose tweezer for tidying and grooming your arches. Pointed Tweezer – A precision tweezer ideal for ingrown hairs and removing splinters.


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