Christophe Robin Light Chestnut Duo


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Replenish the colour of your locks with the Christophe Robin Light Chestnut Duo. Nourishing components allow you to cover pesky grey hairs without drying out or damaging your tresses, leaving you with glossy, sleek and vibrant colour. The Set Contains: Temporary Color Gel – Light Chestnut (100ml) Instantly cover up grey hairs without modifying the hair’s structure with a short-term fix that fades gracefully and evenly in 5 to 7 washes, without leaving a ‘helmet’ root effect. Boasting a 92% natural-origin formula, the Colour Gel is ideal for targeted application to immediately covers greys while adapting to the natural base colour for a seamless finish. Inula Flower preserves and brightens colour for a shiny, soft and vibrant hair colour, while Oats (known for their antioxidant virtues) allow for maximum tolerance by protecting the skin and scalp. In just 20 to 40 minutes, you can expect a subtle, elegant and luminous result with improved vibrancy. Suitable for all hair types and sensitive scalps. Not suitable for bleached hair or highlights more than two shades lighter than base colour. Shade Variation Mask – Warm Chestnut Pocket (75ml) Rejuvenate your brown hair with a nourishing hair mask that works to restore caramel tones back into colour-treated, highlighted or naturally brunette hair. Restoring warmth and radiance, the deeply nourishing mask helps to eliminate unwanted red tones, replenishing caramel colour and radiance back into dull brown hair. Creamy and nourishing, the colour care treatment contains Buriti Oil to help revive vibrancy, and Almond Butter to nourish and protect. After use, brunette hair looks rich and luminous. Can also be used to transform white hair with subtle highlight.


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