Comfort Zone 24 Hour Kit (Worth £122.00)


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Caring for your skin around the clock, this Comfort Zone trio recharges skin with vital hydration and nutrient-rich ingredients for optimal upkeep of healthy, radiant skin. Set Content: Hydramemory Cream 60ml A deeply hydrating moisturiser with a sorbet-like texture that delivers sodium hyaluronate and fair trade moringa oil to protect the skin barrier. Renight Mask 60ml An antioxidant-rich face mask for night-time use, that harnesses goji berry oil, vitamin E and macro hyaluronic acid to nourish and hydrate all skin types. Hydramemory Eye Gel 15ml A hydrating anti-fatigue gel rich in polyphenols, that works to soothe tired, puffy eyes and dark circles. Topped with a metal rollerball for a pleasant, cooling feel.


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