Easilocks Perfect Blowdry Pack


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Easilocks equips you with all the tools for the perfect blow-dry, full and bouncy with airy layers and big volume. Set Contents: Copper Barrel Brush x 4 A collection of four barrel hair brushes (36, 43.5, 55 and 65mm diameter) to form various sized curls, waves and volume. Patented technology allows superior heat retention for faster and more efficient drying time. Dense bristles captures every hair to detangle, smooth and add body. A rubber handle ensures total control and precision. Rose Gold Oil 30ml A silky oil for that protect hair from the weakening effects of excessive heat. Made of botanical oils (rose, carrot, chamomile, coconut, linseed, soybean and argan) it seeps into the fibre’s structure to repair and reinforce from root to tip. Fabrique 30ml A conditioning spray that blends proteins, amino acids, fatty acids and peptides to revitalise clip-in hair, and offers heat protection to help them last longer and retain their high quality.


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