Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Filler Treatment Grade 4 2 x 30ml


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Preserve your skin’s firmness and youthful texture with the Fillerina® 932 Bio Revitalising Filler Treatment Grade 4; an at-home dermo-cosmetic kit targeting deep wrinkles, expression lines and skin depressions. The intensive, two-week treatment carries out four actions (replenishing, densifying, elasticising and revitalising) with groupings of vital ingredients that together, strive to nourish, hydrate and tense sagging skin. Equipped with a pre-treatment cleanser, cleansing brush and topical syringe applicators, the all-encompassing, anti-ageing kit penetrates powerful actives to every layer of skin, promoting a tauter, fuller and smoother surface. Set Contents: Bio Revitalizing Filler Gel 14 x 2ml Bio Revitalizing Nourishing Film 14 x 2ml 2 precision applicators (for external use) 1 Pre-Fillerina 50ml 1 Pre-Fillerina Brush Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid: a blend of nine HA molecules of differing weights to penetrate multiple layers of the dermis and bind moisture to it for plumpness Collagen: a naturally-occurring protein peptide that retains skin’s elasticity and hydration by supporting its barrier function Elastin: a protein naturally present in skin that supports stretch and promotes firmness and density Bio Revitalising Complex: a blend of 20 amino acids and 11 vitamins that deliver nutrients to the dermis, recharging skin brightness Key Benefits: A safe-to-use, at-home correcting and anti-ageing kit that improves skin density and tautness Grade 4 targeting deep wrinkles, lines and loss of elasticity in maturing skin ‘Replenishing Effect’ with 9 hyaluronic acids to plump ‘Super Density Effect’ with collagens to improve skin firmness ‘Plasticity Effect’ with 2 elastins for tenser skin and redefined contours ‘Bio Revitalizing Effect’ with amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and nucleic acids for a nourishing boost Pre-treatment cleanser and brush included


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