Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Filler Treatment Grade 5 2 x 30ml


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Discover a plumped and rejuvenated complexion with the Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Filler Treatment Grade 5. This intensive anti-ageing treatment is designed to promote a more youthful appearance. Grade 5 is specifically targeted towards mature skin types with very deep wrinkles and expression lines, or very thin, damaged or sagging skin. The topical treatment provides a 14 day regime that will help to transform the appearance of ageing skin. The potent plumping and hydrating gel is applied using a precision applicator, allowing you to dispense the perfect amount of product. The truncated tip enables accurate application to areas with deep wrinkles and lines, or to areas that require greater volume such as the cheekbones and lips. Fillerina Gel boasts six types of conveyed Hyaluronic Acids of varying molecular weights and structures, providing a visible plumping effect that targets the different cutaneous layers. An innovative active component Matrifull acts over time to support the skin matrix, stimulating the production of natural filling substances such as collagen I and III and fibronectin, for a firmed, smoothed and plumped effect. The ground-breaking formula combines Hyaluronic Acid with 3 Collagen molecules of different molecular weights: 2000, 12000 and 300000 Da, promoting a re-densifying effect and supporting the filler effect. The varying molecule sizes within the formula target a range of ageing concerns, including deep and shallow wrinkles, along with emptying and loss of volume in areas such as the cheekbones, lips and face shape. This re-densifying effect complements a plasticity effect, helping to restore a supple and elastic sensation to ageing skin. In addition to Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin molecules, the treatment also possesses a Biorevitalizing Complex, containing all the necessary components for skin vitality. Combining 20 Amino Acids, 11 Vitamins, 6 Trace Elements and 2 Nucleic Acids, this innovative complex creates a brightening, smoothing and tightening effect to restore an invigorated and youthful-looking appearance. Targeting multiple layers of the skin with Transdermic Technology, the kit offers optimal anti-ageing efficacy. The Set Contains: 14 doses of Biorevitalizing Filler Gel (14 x 2 ml) 14 doses of Bio-Revitalizing Nourishing Film (14 x 2 ml) 2 precision applicators for external use 1 Pre-Fillerina tube (50ml) 1 Pre-Fillerina brush


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