Grow Gorgeous Curl Collection (Worth £83.00)


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This triumphant trio cleanse, condition and nourish your curls from root to tip. Gentle but effective, all three work to combat frizz and nourish hair, keeping your curls defined. With skincare ingredients, these formulas work to nourish the scalp and well as the strands, locking in moisture and brightening your hair’s natural shine. Free from parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates. Vegan. This Set Contains: Curl Defining Shampoo (250ml) This shampoo works to cleanse curls without stripping their natural moisture and essential oils. This shampoo enhances your natural curl structure by controlling volume and minimising frizz, whilst Allantoin extracts soothe and condition your hair from root to tip. Skincare ingredients nourish your scalp, including Oat Lipids to strengthen your hair’s natural barrier and its ability to retain moisture. Gentle yet effective, this shampoo will keep your hair bouncy and frizz-free. Curl Defining Conditioner (250ml) This conditioner works to define and nourish curls from root to tip. Oat Lipids nourish scalp and roots by strengthening your hair’s natural protective barrier and locking in moisture. Sugar Bee Extract works on the body of hair, adding moisture to reduce frizz and condition. Sweet Almond Oil nourishes the curls without weighing them down, maintaining volume as well and definition. Finally, Shea and Cocoa Butter condition hair, keeping it soft and silky. With these important ingredients, this conditioner nourishes every inch of your hair, improving its condition, appearance and health. For curls that are defined, not frizzy, and bouncy instead of crispy, this conditioner really is the one you’ve been looking for. Curl Defining Cleansing Conditioner (400ml) The cleansing conditioner defines your curls without weighing them down. This lightweight product is perfect for co-washing, as it is gentle enough for daily use. Thanks to curl technology, this product is a step ahead of traditional conditioners, improving the quality of your scalp as well as the strands. Caffeine extract give the roots a stimulating boost, whilst Oat Lipids strengthen your scalp’s natural barrier, locking in moisture. To define your gorgeous curls, the formula uses Sugar Bee Extract to reduce frizz and Crambe Oil to smoothe and nourish curls, giving a natural shine.


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