ilapothecary Beat the Blues Pulse Point Roll On 10ml


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In times of frustration everyone needs a bit of help, which is why the Ilapothecary Beat the Blues Pulse Point Roll On was created with portability in mind. Keep it in your pocket or hand bag for those moments when you could do with some support on the go. Imbued with a soothing fragrance that’s blended using essential oils, it’s a small bottle of calm whenever you need it. Helping you on your way into a deep sleep, Tuberose aims to give you a sense of untroubled calm while Geranium works to balance your inner energies. Petitgrain is known for being connected to self-acceptance, allowing you to escape from things that makes you worry or feel frustrated, while Clary Sage revitalises and uplifts your overall mood. The remedy is given the number 27, meaning it has been formulated to encourage you to gaze inwards and listen to your intuition.


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