ilapothecary Digital Face Mist 50ml


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Revitalise your complexion with the Ilapothecary Digital Face Mist. This enlivening fine spray helps to invigorate both your skin and your mind. The pioneering British brand offer 100% natural products synergising herbology, naturopathy, phyto-actives and homeopathy to combat urban stressors. Our skin is constantly exposed to pollution from our environment and hours of screen use, contributing to premature ageing. This innovative mist helps to stimulate cellular detoxification in order to reduce the effects of digital photo ageing. Enriched with Buddleja plant, the spray helps to reinforce the skin’s natural defences against environmental aggressors such as UVA damage and pollution. Instantly calm your complexion with balancing Amethyst to stimulate collagen and cellular regeneration. The anti-inflammatory properties of this refreshing mist are further supported by Vitamin B12 which helps to regulate the skin’s pigment production to slow the formation of hyperpigmentation. Remedy number 32 is all about communication and self-expansion. It holds an energy which allows you to harness creativity and harmony.


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