Imedeen Prime Renewal (120 Tablets) (Age 50+)


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Manage the effects of hormonal ageing with the Imedeen Prime Renewal pack of 120 tablets. This product utilises Imedeen’s exclusive ingredient, Marine Complex, bursting with skin-supporting proteins and polysaccharides similar to the ones found in skin’s natural infrastructure. The formula is also enhanced with zinc to promote wellbeing, hormone-balancing soy extract and Vitea, an advanced protection complex made up of grapeseed extract, white tea and lycopene. These tablets target the deep dermal layer that topical creams are unable to reach, replenishing skin cells’ natural defence system to protect against free radical damage. The product serves to revive skin’s collagen and elastin production, leading to a soft, supple and plump complexion. The Imedeen Prime Renewal tablets have been expertly formulated to suit those aged 50 and over. Regular use will encourage improved moisture balance and skin quality, combatting some of the effects that occur around menopause. The individual packs of product each contain a one month supply. The recommended daily dose is two tablets in the morning and evening with water. Results may be noticeable after 3 to 6 months of continued use.


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