Joico Color Therapy Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Set


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Double the life of your hair colour’s vibrancy with innovative haircare brand Joico’s K-Pak Color Therapy collection. Catering to damaged or multi-processed hair, the reparative, colour-preserving range gorges stressed strands with innovative and powerful ingredients. This set combines a shampoo, conditioner and deep treatment; for best results, use them in a three-step regime to help maintain the intensity, depth and vitality of your colour. Revitalise dull, dry tresses to leave them silky-smooth and glossy with mirror-like shine and intense colour. The Set Contains: K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo (300ml) A reparative shampoo that gently removes excess oil and impurities without stripping your strands, leaving you with refreshed locks protected from further damage and subtly fragranced. The creamy formula gorges each strand with a Quadrabond Peptide Complex, which attaches to the damaged sites of the hair, repelling external moisture that robs hair of colour. A dose of nourishing oils (of Manketti and Argan) helps to fight fading by sealing the hair fibre’s outer protective layer, locking in colour. K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner (250ml) Quench, detangle & preserve hair colour through ß-layer replenishment with this conditioner. It envelops your hair with its thick, creamy consistency, gorging strengthening nutrients into each strand to strengthen, tame and protect your colour investment. Supercharged with a Quadrabond Peptide Complex, it attaches to the damaged sites of the hair, repelling external moisture that robs hair of colour and causes fading. Cocooning your locks in a moisturising blend of silicone to seal the cuticle and increase shine, the colour-protecting conditioner detangles, replenishes hydration and repairs strands simultaneously. Clinically-tested to reduce breakage, boost shine and double the life of hair colour vibrancy, this antioxidant-rich conditioner can be applied to shampooed hair for a couple minutes of intensive repair. K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock (140ml) Restore radiant, healthy-looking hair with this shine-boosting, rinse-out treatment. Harnessing the powers of deeply nourishing Manketti and Argan Oils, the restorative formula can be used to add mirror-like shine to dull locks, or as a pre-shampoo treatment for intense repair and protection. Ideal for colour-treated hair, from blondes to brunettes and lowlights to highlights, its unique QuadraBond Peptide Complex seals the hair’s outer layer to lock in colour vibrancy, whilst a luxurious blend of Silk, Soy and Seaweed Extract shield against heat styling damage. Expect hydrated, revitalised locks with a smooth, glossy finish.


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