KIKI Health Organic Shiitake Extract Mushroom (60 Vegicaps)


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Discover the healing powers of mushrooms with the KIKI Health Organic Shiitake Extract Mushroom Vegicaps; a bottle of 60 hypromellose capsules containing full-spectrum extracts of hand-picked Shiitake, a globally-popular mushroom type prized for their meaty, rich-flavoured earthiness and diverse health benefits. Forming part of the innovative food supplement brand’s Organic Mushroom range, the vegan capsules comprising extracts of Shiitake mushrooms cultivated on wood-rich substrate to ensure optimal concentration of nutrients. Utilising dual extract technology, which combines advanced enzymatic preparations and temperature-controlled production methods, the potent bio-active components found inside the fungus’ cells are successfully extracted with the highest levels of active constituents captured. Distinguished by its large, umbrella-like caps, the superfood mushroom boasts many health benefits, from strengthening the immune system and improving circulation, to supporting heart health and providing antiviral effects. Expertly standardised to 50% beta-glucan-rich polysaccharides content with a significant amount of triterpenes, sterols and polyphenols, the allergen-free capsules serve as a nutrifying addition to your diet. Free from synthetics, additives, binders, fillers and GMOs. Wheat-free, gluten-free and suitable for coeliacs. Vegetarian/vegan. Cruelty-free. Organic.


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