KIKI Health Zeolite Powder 120g


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Detoxify your digestive tract with the KIKI Health Zeolite Powder; a finely-crushed powder of pure Zeolite Clinoptilotite, a naturally-occurring volcanic mineral from the Turkish Aegean region, formed millions of years ago by the chemical reaction of volcanic dust or ash with water. A complex mineral with a negatively-charged, cage-like surface that traps heavy metals, natural and chemical poisons, radioactive elements, microbes, metabolic products and other toxins within its chambered structure, Zeolite is a master detoxifier, highly effective absorbent, and regulator of internal pollutants. Accelerating and supporting your body’s natural function of flushing out harmful toxins, Zeolite powder helps to restore gut microbiome, with knock-on effects like combating oxidative stress, alkalising the body’s pH, strengthening the immune system and boosting your mood. Ingested daily with a glass of water or mixed with organic Coconut Oil to use as a purifying face or body mask that effectively removes daily pollution and impurities from pores.


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