KIKI Health Zeolite with Activated Charcoal Powder 120g


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Minimise excessive flatulence with the KIKI Health Zeolite with Activated Charcoal Powder; a food supplement that provides natural relief after eating and helps to reduce intestinal gas accumulation. Comprising a blend of pure Zeolite Clinoptilotite (a naturally-occurring volcanic mineral from the Turkish Aegean region) and activated Charcoal powder produced from steam-purified Coconut shells, the superfine powdered supplement acts as a highly effective absorbent and regulator of toxins and pollutants. Ingested daily with a glass of water, the detoxifying powder helps to restore gut microbiome and supports the body’s function of flushing out heavy metals. It can even be mixed with organic Coconut Oil to use topically as a purifying face or body mask that effectively removes daily pollution and impurities from pores.


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