MÁDARA Anti 20 Sec Clean Hands Spray 50ml


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The MÁDARA Anti 20 Sec Clean Hands Spray charges the skin with an instant refresh, helping to purge lingering dirt, grime and bad bacteria. Formulated with 70% pure plant alcohol, the cleansing formula purifies the skin without lifting away vital moisture. Carefully crafted with an effective yet soothing formula, the powerhouse list of ingredients makes sure to leave the hands calm and comfortable. Betaine helps restore moisture to dry, thirsty areas of the skin, resisting irritation and coarseness. Antibacterial extracts of Cranberry, Quince and Camomile unleash their alleviating properties, added to prevent stripping the skin. Centella Asiatica extract helps to balance, protect and reinforce the surface barrier. Housed in a convenient spray bottle, the fast-absorbing hand sanitiser is quick and easy to apply. This expert product is perfect for cleaning the hands between washes, when soap and water isn’t readily available.


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