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The ultimate bodycare kit to effectively support, protect, hydrate and help maintain healthy-looking skin. From the Dive In refreshing body wash to use after the gym, to the Liquid Yoga bath soak to bring a sense of calm, these skin essentials for men are packed with the Feel Good Complex and plant-based actives to give him results he can both see and feel. The Set Contains: Dive In Refreshing Body Wash (200ml) The lightweight formula drifts effortlessly across your base, absorbing fast to avoid any kind of heavy, sticky residue being left over. The nourishing components work to lock in moisture for long-lasting, touchable softness, allowing you to experience a silky-smooth aesthetic as soon as you step out of the shower. Start your day off correctly with the enthralling fragrance that is released as soon as the bottle is opened, the aroma lingering in the air and on your skin. Ideal for people that love to spend their time swimming in the sea or pools, as the deeply hydrating body wash minimises the drying effects of chlorine and salt water. The body wash works as a post-workout miracle as it gently eliminates the risk of any bodily odours, while the plant-based technology offers you the peace of mind that only the kindest ingredients are enveloping your skin. The shower gel is finished with innovative wellbeing-boosting complexes, which work to enliven the senses, while removing sweat and grime. With 100% recyclable packaging, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are being kind and conscious towards the planet. Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel (125ml) The lightweight formula glides across your skin, absorbing fast to avoid any kind of greasy, sticky residue being left over. Suitable for use both before and after exercise, the muscle gel drenches your skin in an invigorating cocktail of botanical ingredients. The replenishing addition of Menthol deeply moisturises your base, locking in dewiness for long-lasting, touchable softness. The potent blend works to encourage the feeling of normal, relaxed muscles, making the gel perfect for those that have potentially over-exerted themselves at the gym. The enthralling and refreshing aroma of Menthol, Eucalyptus and Orange essential oils lingers on the skin and in the air, allowing you to recharge after exercising or just after normal daily activities. Mio as a brand, prides itself on the usage of natural components, with their Powered by Nature policy allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that only the kindest ingredients are enveloping your skin. Seaweed extract works in unison with a sumptuous, vitamin-rich Feel-Good Complex to envelop your base in intensive hydration. The Complex is also packed with antioxidants from Monk’s Pepper Berries, which promote a powerful veil of protection across your skin, shielding it from harsh external aggressors. Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak (200ml) Infused with a 100% natural fragrance, the bath soak is designed to inspire tranquillity, just like a zen yoga session. The soak combines a tailored aromatherapy blend of Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Mandarin and Eucalyptus oils. A moisturising blend of essential oils such as Cannabis Seed Oil, herbs and Manganese Mineral Extract salts helps to replenish and balance the skin while relaxing the senses, leaving your limbs feeling silky smooth. A blend of Indian Fig Extract and Monk’s Pepper Berry promotes hydration, along with conditioning Almond Oil. Mushroom Extract is renowned for its powerful antioxidant properties, helping to reinforce the skin’s natural defences against the damaging effects of environmental aggressors. Unwind after a hectic day and create a serene well-being experience to indulge in a little self-care with this intensely calming formulation. Future Proof Natural Body Butter (240ml) A new and improved version of the much-loved original, mio’s body butter is a rich and nourishing treat for skin. Brimming with Andiroba Oil, you’ll benefit from intense moisture that wards off dryness, helping you to achieve a suppler, softer surface. An Antioxidant Complex protects and revitalises your complexion, containing a combination of both Olive Oil and Myrtle that work together to defend against external aggressors. Thanks to a Feel-Good Complex, the body butter deeply hydrates and comforts with a cocktail of Monk’s Pepper Berry and Indian Fig. The sumptuously creamy texture glides over skin, creating a sense of indulgence while uplifting the senses with its subtle citrus fragrance. Clay Away Detoxifying Body Cleanser (200ml) Cleanse and purify your body with this clay cleanser. Giving the body a full detox, this refreshing formula soothes and cleans the skin. Gently formulated, the wash works into a light foam, gliding over the skin to clean to body. Cornish Clay and Montmorillonite Clay Extracts are infused with fine particles that provide a gentle cleansing action, purifying the pores without irritating the skin. Blended with Green Clay, the cleanser uplifts dirt, dead skin cells and impurities from the body without stripping the body of its essential oils. Also infused with Matcha Tea Extract, the body wash provides antioxidant protection, safeguarding the skin against harmful environmental aggressors, such as blue light and pollution. As if that wasn’t enough, Black Willow Bark gently exfoliates the skin, buffing and smoothing the surface to reveal a more even texture. Care for your body as nature intended with this delicate formula.


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