The Organic Pharmacy Superantioxidants 120g


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Arm yourself with maximum defence against harmful environmental aggressors that damage your skin, with the Superantioxidants capsules from The Organic Pharmacy. The supplements are jam-packed with antioxidants, vital substances that help counteract free radicals, cellular damage and inflammation. Formulated to boost your immunity, the capsules can be swallowed whole or even mixed in with drinks, because its tasteless. Each capsule contains an expert mix of vitamins (C and E), minerals (Zinc and Manganese) and herbal extracts to protect yourself against damaging factors, like UV exposure, air pollutants, tobacco smoke and exhaust fumes. If you’re a city dweller and regularly exposed to these factors, Superantioxidants gives you that extra fortification to fend off airborne nasties. The capsules are constructed from vegetal fibres and are 100% biodegradable. For best results, The Organic Pharmacy recommend a dose of two capsules per day. Made in the UK.


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